How To Write A Double Spaced Essay: Tips, Guidelines, and Examples

How To Write A Double Spaced Essay Tips, Guidelines, and Examples

Double spacing is the distance between lines in an essay. In most cases, instructors will ask students to use double spacing if they want to add comments or edit marks.

Double spacing is standard for essay writing. In typing your essay, you can set the type of line spacing through a program. These programs could include Microsoft Word or Mac Pages word processing software.

Table of Contents

What is a double spaced essay?

Differences between single and double spaced essays.

How to Write a Double-Spaced Essay

How to set double spacing on your computer.

Mac settings adjustment

Using Microsoft Word.

Steps to writing a double-spaced essay.

Example of a Double Spaced Essay.

What does double spacing refer to?

Why double spacing in essays?

Do you prefer a single space or a double space?

Double-Spacing vs. Other Types of Spacing in Essays.


What is a double spaced essay?

Double-spaced essays use double space between paragraphs and lines. This type of essay can contain between 275 and 300 words per page, depending on the font. This format is very useful for tutors because they can correct the spaces.

Authors can use as many words or phrases as they like. Your imagination is your only limit. You can write short essays that range from 500 words to 1000 words. An essay can contain thousands of words.

A double-spaced essay should have a standard font of 12 and a New Times Roman style. This allows for a maximum of 200 words per page. This font has 12 points to make paragraphs easy to read.

The college can penalize students who fail to follow instructions. Unless stated otherwise in the instructions, you can use any font when writing essays. Click on the appropriate font icon to select the Home tab.

Differences between single and double spaced essays

There is a difference between double spacing and single spacing. The former allows for more space between lines, while the latter doesn’t.

To measure the white space between lines, you can use the difference between double and single spacing. Double-spacing text leaves twice as much blank space between lines than single spacing. Because the lines of text have less overlap, it is easier to read.

All that matters is you and the task at hand. Every strategy has its pros and cons, so you must weigh them before deciding.

How to Write a Double Spaced Essay

Whether you’re writing an essay or a report, choosing the spacing in your writing is important. Double spacing is great for allowing the text to flow more easily.

Double-spacing your work is possible by setting the appropriate parameters for the selected text or the entire document. Several word-processing documents can help you double-space your work. These examples are provided below.

How to set double spacing on your computer

Mac settings adjustment

If you are using a word processor on a Mac, these steps can be used for double-spacing your paper

    • Highlight text
    • Click on Inspector (the blue button at top of your window)
    • In the new window, select the text tab. Or, you can choose the “T” option.
    • Locate the Spacing section, and then type 2 next to the slide bar.

Using Microsoft Word

These steps will help you double-space your assignment in Ms. Word.

    •  Select the text that you wish to change its Spacing
    •  Click on the Paragraph under the Homepage Tab.
    •  Click on the line spacing drop-down arrow and select ” Double”
    •  Click OK.

This is the same procedure for all Microsoft Word processing versions.

You can adjust line spacing using the toolbar in your Microsoft Word processor. This is the best way to get double spacing at the beginning.

    •  Locate the Line Spacing in the Home Tab.
    •  Select 2.
    •  Double spacing is possible by selecting 0 1.5 for 1.5 line spacing and 1.5 for single spacing.
    •  Click OK to save the changes.

Steps to writing a double-spaced essay

    • Study the prompt

The first thing you should do when being asked to create a paper with double spacing is to go through the prompt.

This will allow you to comprehend the question and help you brainstorm a topic. This will help you to determine the right spacing, font size, and word count for an essay. This is an important step in essay writing.

    • Decide on topic

Once you have completed the instructions, it is time to revise the document on your terms. The next step is to do some research on the topics. Next, find an interesting topic to choose it.

It would be best if you chose a topic that is both broadened and narrowed depending on what subject you are studying.

It would help if you chose a topic that is easy to find and that you are interested in writing about. You can choose to do your research on a topic, but it must be relevant to the subject of your study.

    • Research widely

Cite all sources in essays when writing an academic paper. Plagiarism can result if you fail the step. This serious offense can result in criminal charges in higher education and professional fields.

It is crucial to properly manage your references and in-text quotations to ensure that your paper is academic.

You should paraphrase, summarize, and quote facts from a source to support the arguments in your essay’s sections. These scholarly traits add to the flow of your paper and support your thesis.

    •  Use Clear and concise language

When planning your essay, you should consider scaffolding. An essay scaffold is a way to organize your arguments, themes, and texts in an essay. It is important to organize your essay. As an essayist, you must back up your claims with evidence.

You shouldn’t casually state an idea if it is not true. Make your essay more compelling by using empirical evidence. Avoid jumping to conclusions that are not supported or unsupported.

You can choose to support your thesis statement by using evidence. Your essay should address the readers. Focus on their interests. Your readers will be interested and hooked from the title page to the reference pages.

    • Good structure

An essay must not only be able to determine the order of arguments but also should be well-structured. A well-structured essay will entice the reader. Because everything is in its right place, it makes writing easier.

Concentrating on a structured essay will be much easier than one you have written haphazardly. An essay that is poorly planned will miss some important points. If you have a plan for your essay, your chances of getting attention are better. An organized essay is more user-friendly.

Instead of starting with the introduction, why not begin with the body paragraphs? As long as you have a preliminary thesis, your body paragraphs can be written in their own words.

The final step of the writing process is making your thesis a final one. The thesis will be based on arguments in the body paragraphs. Next, you will need to write a catchy introduction.

After you’ve finished your introduction, writing a compelling conclusion will make your readers want to read more.

Whether you use the same format for a three-paragraph essay or a five-paragraph essay doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if your essay is high-quality. It will still be accepted.

The appropriate essay structure will depend on the length and type of your essay.  When writing a compare-and-contrast essay, you can use either chronology, point-by-point comparison, or both.

    • Using simple grammar

When you write essays, it is not about who can use which vocabulary. This is a chance to use facts and research to support your ideas about a topic. To impress your teacher, avoid using harsh words. Simple is better when it comes to essay writing.

Common words will make it easier for your instructor to follow and understand your ideas. They don’t have time or the desire to look through a thesaurus.

Simple words and phrases are the best way to communicate with your audience. Engaging essays can be written using simple language. Students will be more successful if they can write simple papers that are concise, clear, and well-organized.

    • Adopting long and short sentences

Every piece of work that you produce will impress your readers. You can make an essay more readable by using shorter and longer sentences. It is easier to understand and navigate with shorter sentences.

Complex sentences may be appealing, but they should not be considered ambiguous or run-on. When you write, this should not be a problem. Editing the paper should not be difficult. Now, it is easier to write a sentence.

Because they can balance long and short sentences, our writers are better. This skill will enable you to convince professors of the best grades.

For clarity, coherence, and accuracy, it is important to be able to read and comprehend short sentences. This is how to improve your essay-writing skills.

    • Use short paragraphs

It’s like receiving an A+ for a paragraph of an essay. It is simple, but most people find it hard.

Your topic sentences must be cohesive and coherent. Cohesion refers to a flow, and coherence refers to the sense that everything is connected. Your paragraphs should flow together.

Each paragraph should have a single idea linked to the previous one. The number of words in your paragraphs should be equal. The body paragraphs account for 80% of the total word count. The body paragraphs of a five-paragraph essay should be divided into three paragraphs.

    • Fixing formatting issues

Writing is, without a doubt, the hardest part. This requires reading, research, and critical thinking. You will be exhausted by the end. You will make mistakes if you hurry to format and edit your paper. It is crucial to plan your essay. You should plan enough time to finish editing and polishing your essay or other assignments.

After you finish writing, take some time to relax. You can walk, nap, visit friends, or activate social media. It doesn’t matter what you need to relax.

After you are done, spend some time editing, formatting, and evaluating the essay. Attention should be paid to grammar, spelling, and stylistic errors.

You should also ensure you use the correct fonts and spacing. If you find the process time-consuming and tedious, our essay editing service can help. Our editors are always available for assistance.

After everything is in order, you can examine for plagiarism and submit the paper by the deadline.

Example of a Double Spaced Essay

If you double-space your text, there will be a blank line between each pair of words in a phrase. An instructor may require double spacing in essays. Your spacing options will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Example of a Double Spaced Essay

What does double spacing refer to?

Double-spaced is simply a blank line in between two sets of text. Double-spacing in word processors is a common feature. Microsoft Word 2013 should offer double-spacing. You should not use extra spaces between paragraphs.

Why use double spacing in essays?

Double spacing is an important aspect of essays. This is something that many students don’t know. Double spacing can make essays look messy, so many students don’t get it.

Double spacing is not an issue if you can write high-quality content on the topic. These are some of the benefits that double-spacing can bring to your text:

  • It makes writing so much easier  

It is easier to read the text if you double-space it. The text is shorter and easier to read. It is easier to follow double-spaced lines than single-spaced ones. It’s easier for your brain and eyes to switch between lines because there are no line breaks that could distract from the flow.

Reading sentences is easier for readers because they don’t have to go back and reread them as often or spend more time trying to figure out the end of each sentence.

  • Important notes will be given more space  

It’s possible to have important notes that you wish to include, but they won’t fit into the main body. It can look messy and unprofessional.

These notes can be added to the end of each paragraph or as footnotes. This will allow you to keep the reading flowing and give you additional information to help you understand earlier sections (such as definitions).

  • This makes it much easier to avoid typos  

Every line of text is an entity. It is less likely to contain two or three words rather than one accidentally. They are more noticeable when punctuation marks like periods and commas have double spacing. This makes it easy for people to recognize when they have finished reading a sentence.

This allows them to start a new sentence without needing to go back and read the phrases or words in previous sentences. This is particularly useful for those learning English as a second or even third language.

They can distinguish between the beginning and the end of sentences. It will be easier for you to proofread if you have one. They can see where each sentence starts and ends.

  • It is important to pay more attention to the following points  

It can be not easy to see if you repeat the same word or phrase repeatedly in a paragraph. This can make the content appear repetitive and boring. Double spacing solves this problem by putting more space between phrases or words repeated in a paragraph. This makes them stand out and draws attention to the reader.

Double spacing after punctuation marks such as question marks or exclamation marks, emphasizes them better than if they weren’t there.

  • This can be used to guide you in writing your essay  

You must space your sentences evenly to allow the reader to follow your thoughts. By spacing your sentences evenly, you will improve your writing skills.

  • This will make your essay professional.  

People want to be able to access all the information they need whenever it suits them. Your writing skills will impress others. Make sure that your essays are clear and professional. This impression can be achieved by double spacing.

Do you prefer a single space or a double space?

It is preferable to have one space. Many people disagree on whether double spacing is better. Style guides generally recommend one space between phrases. Experts do not consider two spaces normal.

It is not recommended to leave two spaces between sentences for several reasons. This can cause inconsistent writing. It can cause your writing to appear messy and inconsistent if there are two spaces between sentences and one after them.

It is also counterproductive to have two locations. You must remove the extra space between sentences when editing your text.

Double spacing is more dangerous than single spacing. It is the most common format. It will avoid confusion among readers.

Double Spacing vs. Other Types of Spacing in Essays

When writing an essay, dissertation, or research paper, essay, or dissertation, you should know the Spacing type you will use. There are three types of Spacing: single, 1.5, and double.

Double-spaced paper can create space between paragraphs of text by creating 2.0 spaces. For most college assignments, double-spacing will be the norm. Double-spacing is common for theses and dissertations.

A 1.5-spaced essay, or document, refers to the spacing between sentences and lines in a 1.5 mm paragraph. There is no space between paragraphs.

A single-spaced page has very little white space between paragraphs. Paragraph lines are spaced at 1.0 apart. This leaves little room for comments, feedback, or other remarks from the professor. You should use one or 1.5 spacing if your instructor has directed otherwise.

If you find that you have misaligned your spacing after you have completed typing, don’t panic. We will show you how to Spacing an essay, or any other document on a Word document as well as a Mac.

It is possible at any stage in your writing process. It will depend on the program you use. Let’s take a closer look.


Now you know what a double-spaced essay is and how to set one up on your computer. It doesn’t matter if you are writing in MLA, Harvard, APA or APA format, Chicago or another. This guide will help make your essay more interesting.

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