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You may learn how to write a five-paragraph essay on any subject or topic by following a simple but effective strategy that will allow you to complete your work on time.

As a father of five children, I’ve assisted in the brainstorming and editing of several essays (three are now high schoolers). My time has been consumed with assisting pupils with the five-paragraph essay. I’d want to offer some of my personal ideas to other parents and children struggling with this situation.

If you know how to divide it down into digestible bits, the five-paragraph essay isn’t as tough as you would think. Let’s get this party started, shall we?

How to Write a Reader-Friendly Essay

A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a 5-Paragraph Essay

The first step is to pinpoint the source of the issue. Choose a subject for your essay.

You may already have a list of subjects in mind that you’d want to discuss. It is preferable to choose a subject that will let you back up your thesis statement with three pieces of evidence, each of which may stand alone as a paragraph. When it comes to the upcoming summer Olympics, many people feel that the United States will win the most medals. Is there any evidence to support this assertion? A basic compare and contrast essay discussing why one restaurant is superior to another is a fantastic place to start. Is there anything more you want me to know about your argument?

Second, do your research.

A subject of your choice Then you start your research by searching the internet for any and all pertinent information. You should collect more than you think you’ll need for this phase, since it’s considerably simpler to eliminate surplus than it is to come up with fresh material at the last minute. I’ve been there before, after all.) Collect as much information as possible, and then…

Step 3: Determine your essay’s primary subject.

Although you may have begun with a certain thesis subject in mind, your emphasis may vary as you perform further research. While you may create an article saying that “the United States will win more medals than any other nation at the upcoming Summer Olympics,” you could then shift your attention to “the United States will dominate swimming events.” After you’ve nailed your thesis, it’ll be a piece of cake.

(Personal Essays: How to Make Your Voice Hearable)

Make a plan for your essay.

Writing an essay outline is so important that I still use it for articles and blog posts, which are significantly more complicated than five-paragraph essays. Here is a good outline for your five-paragraph essay:

The following is the first paragraph. Make a list of everything you want to say in your paper.

In the first sentence, Determine a primary subject or argument that will help to support your thesis.

That concludes this section. Find a counter-argument to your major claim.

The third paragraph of the essay’s body Include a third supporting point to back up your primary argument.

Finally, there is a sentence. Connect the dots to show how your point was demonstrated in the previous three paragraphs.

In this paragraph, there are no new ideas to be discovered. Instead, it works to unite all that has gone before it into a single unified whole.

Step 5: Compose the essay.

Step four should provide you with an idea of what to include in each paragraph. All you have to do at this point is fill in the fields and submit any essential supporting material (your research).

In the first paragraph, use a provocative comment to grab the reader’s attention, followed by a few supporting ideas that lead to your thesis.

Choose one major theme for each of the three body paragraphs, and then back it up with facts, examples, and explanations. Then, at the conclusion of each paragraph, create a transition to the next one, and so on until you reach the finish.

If you’re debating a topic or just summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of a specific activity, your conclusion should make it clear that you’ve established your opening thesis—and then let your readers draw their own conclusions based on their own preferences.

The last and most important stage is to proofread and modify your work.

Many essayists believe they have climbed the mountain after completing the first five stages. In a sense, they have. Once the first draft is finished, a comprehensive edit and proofreading is performed on the finest essays.

(At what point should a writer go back and modify their work?)

Here are some editing and proofreading tips:

Take some time to “walk away” from the essay before revising or proofreading it. If you immediately begin editing after finishing the first draft, you may “pass” past faults and omissions since you “know what you meant to express.”

It is recommended that you read your essay aloud. This is a common theme in many of my articles and blog entries. Using this tool makes it easy to find “missing words” and detect slow transitions. If possible, have a friend or family member read your essay aloud to you. Which takes us back to the topic at hand…

Request that a loved one or a friend look at it for you. It’s alright with me if they want to use a red pen. If they aren’t comfortable with that level of editing, just ask them to point out areas where things don’t make sense or “lose them.”

Step 7: The last step is to submit it.

Most of the time, you’re writing this essay as part of a bigger project or a competition. After completing the six steps outlined above, you should have a strong essay on your hands. Congratulations, and best of luck in your future pursuits!

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